I live programmed visuals for Electronic Sound Systems using Hydra, an incredible high-level javascript library that emulates modular synthesis by Olivia Jack. ESS's lineup featured DazeGxd, Jonny From Space, Brendy and FinalFirst, and ~250 people attended the club night at Underground Atlanta. My visuals were projected onto two surfaces for a six hour set, mixing live code with audio and video input.
a bit about my process
I shared my hydra code between two laptops connected via Flok, a web based peer-to-peer code editor by munshkr. Each laptop had a different camera and Focusrite (audio) input, allowing me to create two different projections with a single script and compile them simultaneously. I also used geikha's hydra-blend library (ported from glsl-blend) to play with a variety of blend modes, and inserted plain glsl into a few of my more graphic effects. I prepared functions before the event, but ended up writing a lot of code live to make my visuals work with the changing environment + vibe. This was super cool because I got to improvise and follow my intuition on the spot!

black and grey for jonny from space

I created this starry function on the spot for DazeGxd's song "emotion engine"

coding the drop :-)

Hydra, Flok, two Epson PowerLite Home Cinemas + mount, two Panasonic HC-V770s, two ika-n HS VCDs, one diy shower curtain screen, two Focusrite Scarletts, two laptops, many hdmi and CAT5 cables
HUGE thanks  to Alex Tyler and Lance Lampert for putting this event on and trusting me with the visuals (as well as their massive help arranging and testing this hardware!)
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